Ambrosia Catering Company, LLC

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Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Ambrosia Catering is the dream of Chef Ray Mihalic, showcasing his culinary creativity. He has developed award-winning recipes in his 30 plus years of culinary service. Chef Ray teamed up with Chef Kip to create Ambrosia Catering Company. Ambrosia caters everything from small intimate events to large weddings. The food ranges from southern comfort food to the finest of culinary dining delights. Ambrosia is a forward-thinking mission that is respectable of the environment, by using whole foods, practicing sustainability, and using local produce in our recipes and baked goods. Chef Ray has perfected his family's homemade baked good recipes, and using his knowledge in understanding dietary restriction, has created delicious gluten-free options. We try to share our products with everyone no matter your dietary restrictions. Chef Ray Mihalic’s resume includes special diet training allows Ambrosia to accommodate most every dietary need. 

About Chef Ray 

Chef Ray Mihalic started out as a line cook in a country club when his creativity caught the eye of the Executive Chef. This Chef took Chef Mihalic as an apprentice and after a few years he ventured off from the country club lifestyle to travel and learn about food in other regions. His specialty is in Cajun, Creole, and Classic French cuisine. His time in the southern states has honed his full flavored comfort food. He was one of the founding Chefs at Jerome Bettis's Grill 36. Also, he cooked for many other celebrities such as Heinz Ward and John Madden. He also enjoys Asian fusion dishes and has over the past 5 years developed many sustainable recipes from Northern Virginia. Fresh ingredients straight from the farm and garden are his secret to the freshness one experiences with Chef Mihalic's dishes.